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UA Sustainability Map
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A visual tool to locate and acquire sustainability information.

The University of Arizona Sustainability Map is designed to display the numerous avenues that U of A staff, students, and faculty are approaching the diverse issues associated with sustainability. The map provides a visual and spatial method to locate and obtain information about sustainability at the UA.  Information is presented in three major categories on this map: Projects, Programs, and Features.

  • Project is a location where a sustainability activity has occurred, normally a funded effort with a finite timeline and a specific end-product. In many cases physical changes occurred as a result of the project (something has been constructed, moved, installed, etc.), but this also includes other tangible end-products, such a manual, a piece of equipment, a research result, etc.
    • Example One: Funding provided to UA Students for Sustainability to implement garden beds and other features as part of establishing the UA Community Garden. In this case a number of physical Features resulted from the project.
    • Example Two: The Sixth Street Residence Halls project which created Likins Residence Hall and Arbol De La Vida Residence Hall. These residence halls include many physical features such as solar panels and water harvesting basins, and are also the home to several sustainability programs, such as the UA Office of Sustainability.
  • A Program is a type of sustainability activity involving establishing or maintaining an organization or entity, often on an ongoing basis, that exists for communication, policy, research, education, advocacy, and in some cases may sponsor Projects or Features.
    • Examples: CALS Summer Externships, Students for Sustainability: ‘Greening the Game’
  • A Feature, or Green Feature, is a physical element of the campus that is part of the University’s portfolio of physical resources that serve to advance sustainability, and often resulting from a Project and sometimes a Program.   They play a role in enhancing the sustainability of the University of Arizona.
    • Examples: Solar Powered Waste Compactors, Campus Ag. Center Greenhouses, Water Harvesting Basins, Solar Panels

In addition to sorting sustainability elements by the categories above, you may also filter projects, programs, and green features by eight sustainability themes:

  • Built Environment
  • Campus Live
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Natural Environment
  • Transportation
  • Waste Reduction
  • Water

The University of Arizona Sustainability Map is brought to you by the University of Arizona IT Student Advisory Board (ITSAB), the UA Enterprise GIS (EGIS), a part of the Department of Planning, Design & Construction (PDC), the Office of Sustainability, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Communications & Cyber Technologies division (CALS-CCT).

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Tips to help you explore, learn and be engaged.

Welcome to the University of Arizona Sustainability Web Map! Here, you can browse various sustainability activities related to the University.

You can Locate yourself by touching the target icon (image below) on the left side of the application, or zoom in and out with the plus and minus icons. You can also double tap the map or pinch to zoom in and out.

The activities are sorted into Sustainability Themes and Types. To filter the map by Theme, tap on the menu (image below) in the top left corner of the application, and toggle themes on or off to change the display.

If you’d rather filter by Type, you can turn each type on or off on the main display of the application by tapping on the appropriate button (image below).

When the buttons are dark, as pictured, the Type is turned on. When the buttons are a light gray, the Type is turned off. You can combine the two types of filtering to see very specific results! If you would like to Search for an activity, click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner that is pictured below.

The other menu (image below), found in the top right corner of the application, contains a list of additional features, where you can view information about the application, find this tutorial, submit feedback about the functionality of the map, or contact Planning, Design & Construction about the map content!

Tap on any feature shown on the map to see more information about it, and click on the upward pointing red arrow to expand that window to see extra details.

Thank you for visiting our map – keep checking back to find new and exciting activities in the world of UA Sustainability!

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